A Digital Event System for Schools

Students receive many emails each day, making planning very confusing.

Ordinary event displays lack intuitive interfaces, online access, and have to be edited by hand.

Club Hub is a simple centralized digital event system that solves these problems.


Self-Serve Submission

Club Hub's intuitive self-serve submission form takes the load off administrators by allowing event organizers to enter information into Club Hub on their own.

The submission system takes care of confirmation emails automatically—no micromanaging needed.

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Simple Site Administration

Club Hub features a beautiful administration panel that makes it easy to manage recorded events. Events submitted through the self-serve submission form automatically appear in the administration panel, awaiting approval before they appear on Club Hub's display interfaces. Approving an event is as easy as clicking a button.

Automatic Slideshow Display

Approved events are automatically rolled into an online slideshow that can be placed onto TV displays. Slides can feature plain-text, images, or even fullscreen posters for maximum customizability.

Say goodbye to finnicking with poster slideshows by hand!

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Central Event Summary

Student confusion begone! Approved events appear on a central list-like event display that can be accessed from desktops and smartphones alike.

This event listing is sortable and filterable simply by clicking the relevant categories on the website.

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  • Club Hub is open-source!
  • Get the code from GitHub and modify freely.

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  • Unique subdomain at clubhub.live
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